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Grandpa Grumps Enterprises LLC |

Good Evening Grumps!  I hope you disdain everyone else like I do.  This is your world, as I see it.

What is Utilitarianism.  In a nut shell, you have heard the expression 'HOPE OF GAIN, FEAR OF LOSS".  That's it, end of blog post.

Okay, I'm too full of myself to stop there.  Utilitarianism is an economic thought that posits only two reasons people do what they do.  Can you guess what those two reasons are: (read previous paragraph).

There is obviously some serious truth in the philosophy, but is that all there is to the human condition?  Really?  Here follows something for you to consider, and I mean it respectfully, FYI.

Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe:  Joe and Marilyn married and then divorced.  Marilyn never stopped depending on Joe, and Joe never stopped loving Marilyn.  Their worlds simply could not coexist.  They were going different directions.  When Marilyn died, Joe paid her funeral expenses and sent a dozen red roses to her grave for twenty years.  None of her other lovers or husbands did that.  Hope of gain?  Fear of loss?  Hardly.

Don't give up hope.  Love conquers all, even death.


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