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Obviously I can only speak for myself, but have any of you ever been pulled over by one of those NAZI police officers who knew all the rules, kept all the rules, and sat in the seat of infallibility?  I have.  They aren't that common around here.  Most of our officers are decent people. But...NO, this isn't a de-fund the police post.  And, NO, I haven't been pulled over for several years and I'm not still bitter about that anyway.  This post is about rules.  More precisely, it's about people who try to live life by keeping to a system of strict rules, like a NAZI cop, or a grammar NAZI  for that matter.

Rules have their place.  Rules should be kept.  Rules cause order and chaos.  Huh?

Actually, it's not the rules, kids, it us.  When we are punctilious about rule keeping we are prone to a few problems, none of which are the fault of the rules (laws). 

First, we can get all stuck up on ourselves because we are just sooo much better than "those" people who don't keep the rules.  Or, we wander around feeling guilty because we aren't one of "those" people who do keep all the rules. Or, we turn full on rebel and declare that rules are for saps, and we are beyond good and evil.  (If you know, you know)

So, instead of being a grammar NAZI, or a NAZI  cop, or a NAZI of any kind, why don't we all strive to do something really charitable and good without worrying about rules.

You can start by not correcting my grammar and punctuation.  Or, you could only point out my errors in an attempt to be helpful instead of condemning.  After all, I graduated from the 12th grade without any cell phones, internet. or computers of any kind.  They didn't exist in my younger days.  Okay, the government had a couple that fit in a single building by the time I graduated high school.


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