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I work alone right now, so "us" would be just me and those space aliens who follow me everywhere. I'm a broken down old man who mixes truth and lies with sad excuses for illustrations to make entertaining stories - well, they entertain me anyway. If you go to my post page you'll know why I do what I do, if you care. Once I figure out how to get this website functional (I'll get help. Don't worry.) you'll be able to buy stuff. I will be donating a portion of the proceeds to charities of my choice. The adopted charities are listed on the "Charity Page" (imagine that) along with our financial contributions, etc. The financials are blank right now because the website is new. So, help me out if you can by supporting this stage of the enterprise while I get all of this sorted. Shucks, when I was your age we had a party line on a Bell dial telephone and thongs were something we wore on our feet. Old dog's like me can learn new techy tricks, but we have to find a thousand ways how not to do it first.


I create books to entertain and enlighten. I create digital art because I like to, and there is no such thing as a mistake on procreate unless you forget to back up. Ask me how I know that.

I set up the chapels so people could put their hearts and their heads in a good place at the same time.

I created this website to sell stuff and make money. Eventually, this will become a dot org website because once it gets going, if it ever does, I intend to use the proceeds to support orphanages and folks who rescue exploited children. If you want to help me, buy something and get in touch.



To create generational coherence through art and literature.


To write and illustrate entertaining family oriented children's stories.
To provide and protect quality visual art for the future.
To give generously for the welfare of future generations.


I can produce customized digital art for you, or write and illustrate a story book for that special person in your life. The prayer chapel is so you can ponder the sublime, light a virtual votive candle, and offer up prayers before a stained glass saint. I set up the chapel after visiting Italy and witnessing the damage done to priceless art by a thousand years of wax candle smoke. A portion of your purchases - books, candles, shirts, mugs, caps - is donated to the listed charities; the list will grow.