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We never get to see the whole play.  We can only see the small number of those other actors who happen to be on stage with us at any given moment.  We don't know exactly what the beginning was, we don't know what the whole story is, we don't know what happens next or how it ends, and we don't even know if we are in any subsequent scenes.  Here we are in the grand play we call life acting out our part off the cuff, and we may be speaking our last line for all we know.

Life isn't about our part.  The Play's the Thing, as it has been said.  Our part is a tiny sliver in  a grand production.  Our part may only be one scene of eight lines.  We may not actually say anything.  Perhaps we are referred to only as "First Servant", and then we're killed.  The important part is how well we acted our part. Play your part well people.  It isn't what we get out of life that amounts to anything.  It's what we bring to life that matters.

I've stared death in the face, and I can say with authority that none of us is leaving with anything.  My father died with his head in my hands.  He didn't even take his body heat with him.  You aren't getting anything out of this life, so bring something to it.

Strive for excellence.  Somewhere down the line the play ends.  We take our bows.  The curtain falls, and we line up for our paycheck.  The owner and operator of the theater will then likely have some comments to make about your performance.  Maybe there will be future bigger parts for you to play.  Maybe, YOUR FIRED!

I'm happy just having a paying job.  I possess no great acting genius.  But even if my acting skill only ever amounts to playing "First Servant" well for eight lines, and I remain usefully employed in the grand scheme of life, I'm good with that.  It's better than living in the alley eating garbage out of a dumpster wondering why i even exist. 

Payday is coming.  Could you live if you were only paid what you are actually worth?


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